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Deep Network Analyser
for 4th Generation Warfare

With the Deep Network Analyser expansion, reveal all the global secrets, networks and hidden information in 4th Generation Warfare!
With this integrated game tool, you will not only have access to a huge amount of information, but you will also be able to modify it, add to it or delete it. (learn more about)

IMPORTANT: this add-on only runs for owners of a valid and activated activation code of 4th Generation Warfare

IMPORTANT NOTE : You must have a valid Steam account to use the Steam version of the game. You will receive a code upon purchasing this version. To install the game onto your computer, you must enter the code in the Steam application.

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Steam version: Deep Network Analyser (English)
$ 5.95

$ 5.95


  • Enabled at any time during the game, the DNA mode modifies the interfaces and map to allow you to directly edit data and view normally secret items. While active, each character's relationships are indicated by links between them and their contacts on the map, and editable data will be highlighted in the many interfaces.

    In addition, the DNA mode allows total control of the characters and their actions by adding new actions and allowing you to take control of any character visible on the map.

List of Features:

  • Secret data that becomes visible:

  • - The identity of unknown characters
    - All character information
    - The location of characters
    - Character contacts
    - Hidden offenses
    - Hidden buildings
    - All inventory content
    - All smartphones become searchable
    - All available evidence of each offense
    - The position of each military unit and satellite is revealed

  • Data that becomes editable:

  • For characters:
  • - Their name
    - Their picture
    - Their psychological profile
    - Their stress level
    - Their level of defense
    - Their level of experience
    - Money from their slush fund / bank account
    - Add/remove items from their inventory
    - Delete files

  • For buildings:
  • - Its name
    - Its status
    - Its protection level
    - Add/delete objects from its inventory

  • For nations :
  • - Its flag
    - Its diplomatic alignment with the country being played
    - The grievences of the country being played against this nation
    - Its level of unrest
    - Its unemployment rate
    - Its number of nuclear warheads
    - Its status in the UN

  • And more:
  • - The security level of events
  • - Suppression of evidence and crimes
  • - Suppression of disturbances
  • - Cancellation of wars

Additional features:

  • An option to make all attempted actions successful
  • A setting to make any number of military units appear instantly
  • The ability to take control of any character visible on the map
  • Two additional actions: gain 100 influence points with the target and a direct teleportation action
  • With this expansion, you can finally play as you wish with no limits.
    Manage all the parameters of your games and leave nothing to chance.
    Take control!

We recommend the following minimum configuration

PC Windows 11 / 10 / 8 ● 2 GHz Processor ● 4 Gb RAM ● 6 Gb Hard Drive Space