4th Generation Warfare - 4GW

Commando Unit
for 4th Generation Warfare

With the commando unit, launch special missions: exfiltration, sabotage, lightning attacks, infiltration into enemy territory and defense of sensitive sites. To lead these missions well, they will have special equipment and vehicles: Chinook, combat Zodiac, fast 4x4 jeeps, smoke grenades, mines… (learn more about)

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List of features:

  • The Commando unit is an elite military squad, specializing in secret operations and infiltration. By controlling the Leader of the Commando unit, you can lead various missions. Based in their Special Forces HQ, the Commando unit can use several vehicles such as a Chinook helicopter or a fast Zodiac to get behind enemy lines and strike their bases as well as their agents!
    The Commando has special weapons and equipment: marine or land mines, smoke bombs, gas masks, assault rifle with laser sight…

    The Commando Leader can recruit men in his unit and also train to increase their experience level and thus ensure success in further missions.

    The Commando Leader can be played 2 ways: as the leader of his unit on the ground or solo.

    When the Commando Leader acts as head of his unit, different tactics are possible:
    - move quietly on the ground
    - lay down minefields on land as well as on sea, with his Zodiac, and on any territory to inflict damage on troops
    - conduct lightning attacks on enemy military bases. If successful, this will destroy some of the units there without revealing the origin of the attackers.
    - sabotage units on the ground to neutralize them for several days.

    When the Commando Leader acts solo, they can easily infiltrate into places, use smoke grenades to immobilize other characters and reduce their defense or kill them with an assault rifle and high capacity magazine.
    With the Chinook, they can also repatriate a target from a foreign country while avoiding border controls.
    Infiltration skills are also used to plant bombs, kidnap someone or to break out.
  • New class of recruitable characters and usable from the beginning of the game.
  • 2 ways to play the Commando Leader which allows different game tactics: solo or as the leader of a combat unit.
  • The Commando unit allows players to strike behind enemy lines without the origin of the attack being known, set traps on the ground and conduct infiltration or exfiltration operations.
  • 10 new actions for the Commando added to actions already accessible to other characters: Forming a commando unit, joining a commando unit, infiltration into secure places, exfiltration of agents in enemy territory, creating a minefield, using smoke grenades, lightning attacks on bases, sabotaging military units, commando unit training, surveillance of embassies and sensitive sites, …
  • New equipment to increase chances for success and develop new strategies: laser sighted assault rifle, high capacity magazines and smoke grenades.
  • New vehicles for the Commando and his troops to adapt to all situations: stealth military jeep, Zodiac and Chinook helicopter.
  • New faces and new text for a complete immersion into the world of secret operations.

We recommend the following minimum configuration

PC Windows 11 / 10 / 8 ● 2 GHz Processor ● 4 Gb RAM ● 6 Gb Hard Drive Space