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The trafficker character is a new character class that allows you to discreetly make all kinds of illicit transactions: buying weapons, military equipment or various objects, forging papers, information about scandals, putting you in touch with other criminals ... (learn more about)

IMPORTANT: this add-on only runs for owners of a valid and activated activation code of 4th Generation Warfare

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Steam version: Trafficker (English)
$ 5.95

$ 5.95


  • The trafficker is a new class of character with whom you can secretly collaborate. After making an appointment, you can buy various materials or objects from him: handguns, ammunition, gadgets, or heavy military equipment, and sometimes even nuclear weapons from dubious sources, all at rock-bottom prices!
    With his extensive network, the trafficker will also be able to give you access to confidential information: scandals about foreign dignitaries, secret weapon blueprints, access badges, contacts with other shady characters, etc.

    And most importantly, be sure not to miss the exclusive promotions that he will offer you!
  • List of Features:
  • During appointments, he will offer you various objects or materials that he has in stock from among 50 different types. At each appointment, the items offered vary, sometimes with promotional prices and sometimes rare or unreleased items:
  • Light weapons: explosives, machine guns, undetectable weapons, laser sights, bulletproof vests, rockets, …
  • Various objects or gadgets: fake papers, access badges, secured smartphones, nanoparticle capsules,... and for those who can afford it: luxury items, sports cars, private jets…
  • Used or decommissioned heavy military equipment sold at rock bottom prices: tanks, helicopters, submarines ... and sometimes even nuclear warheads.
  • Secret or stolen information: scandals involving the world's dignitaries, blueprints of weapons or secret gadgets, location of hideouts, …
  • He can also put you in touch with shady individuals such as hitmen, underworld leaders, mercenaries,...

    In addition, this add-on introduces a new personal bank account system for all characters. By drawing from a state slush fund, characters within the government can distribute money to their subordinates. As the game progresses, characters can accumulate money that will allow them to purchase weapons, various personal items, or even to pay bribes.

We recommend the following minimum configuration

PC Windows 11 / 10 / 8 ● 2 GHz Processor ● 4 Gb RAM ● 6 Gb Hard Drive Space