4th Generation Warfare - 4GW


El juego cuenta con un procedimiento de actualización totalmente automatizado.

Si está conectado a internet al iniciar el programa, este busca automáticamente dichas actualizaciones. Las actualizaciones se descargan y se instalan.

Current Version : 1.05

Patch notes: 1.05

  • Main improvements and bug corrections:

    - You can now randomly choose the country played and the opponents in solo mode.
    - The name of the creator of a multiplayer game is now displayed in the list of online games.
    - Flags are displayed in the news preview to quickly see which country the news comes from.
    - There is a greater chance that a country will retaliate with a nuclear strike during a war.
    - More military bases in the UK
    - Fixed a bug that caused missiles to stick to the target without exploding.
    - Fixed a bug that caused all break-in attempts to automatically try a second time and succeed.
    - Players are no longer automatically placed in a team with other players in online games.
    - You can no longer destroy satellites with air units
    - There is no longer a crash when a player leaves a team in a multiplayer lobby.
    - The list of characters is now displayed correctly when they are in a team with other players in a multiplayer lobby.
    - Fixed game sorting and duplication in the multiplayer lobby list
    - Fixed the speed of level 1 tanks
    - The Kremlin has now the correct size and location in Moscow
    - Improvements and fixes when a character fires a rocket launcher
    - Fixed animation of police helicopter destruction (by rockets)
    - Fixed a bug that allowed to start a recruitment campaign even when the maximum number of characters was reached.
    - Other minor bug fixes

    We would like to thank the community of players and in particular the beta testers for their collaboration in improving this game.

    • Patch notes: 1.04

      • Améliorations et équilibrage du jeu :

        - Added Korean language version
        - Improved the interface to select additional characters
        - Adjustment of the characters' layout when they are in their building
        - Text messages read on smartphones are now displayed in anti-chronological order
        - New faces for religious community leader characters
        - Adjusted range, and improved animation and visuals when firing a rocket launcher

        Corrections de bugs :

        - Fixed interface bugs in commercial contracts
        - Fixed a case not taken into account for the achievement 'Ultimate betrayal'.
        - Various corrections of the To Do menu
        - Fixed a bug that made foreign characters visible without reason
        - Fixed a bug that prevented the faces of recruited ministers to be displayed in the recruitment interface of the leadership team
        - Fixed a bug in the tooltips of the country files
        - Fixed an animation bug when some characters consult their smartphone
        - Fixed replacement of dead ministers by AI.
        - Fixed fighters shots on cruisers
        - Reassignment of characters without player when reloading network games
        - Various corrections in the network game

        We would like to thank the community of players and in particular the beta testers for their collaboration in improving this game.